CUB Elecparts Inc. is a professional manufacturer of automotive switches and sensors possessing rich experience in this production field. It has been providing well-rounded service to customers with strong support by experienced R&D team and advanced testing and production equipments. Being capable of providing design service for specific products in various car applications based on customers’ request, CUB by all means focuses on building up well partnership with all of our customers to expand global market share.
Rigorous quality control and experimental verification capability
Advanced software and system integration technology
Capable research and development skill
Continuous improvement of automated processes
Precise mechanism design services
Customer satisfaction and well relationship build up

CUB offers integrated solutions of product design, quality verification and parts procurement, and we can fulfill customers’ specific request, such as OES production line transfer service. We have been implementing PPAP process in accordance with TS16949 in order to ensure product quality.

CUB manufactures sensors in various ranges: vehicle speed sensor (VSS), wheel speed sensor (ABS), camshaft position sensor (CMP)and crankshaft position sensor (CKP). Leading this production field with experiences and specialized engineering capacity, we have been providing full integration in vehicle sensor technology for both active and passive types not only to make the product able to detect vehicle speed precisely and quickly but also to meet the requirement of comfort and safety. The developed products are consistent with customers’ design with the features of safety, driving dynamics, comfort, precise detection and energy saving. (More details in product specification...)

Combination Switch is designed to combine multiple switch control into one, such as turn signal, wiper, washer, and cruise control for users’ convenience and safety. CUB always follows customers’ request to satisfy their expectation in product appearance, meanwhile conforms our products to globalized standards by technology integration, design verification and productive equipment verification.
CUB also provides various types of switches including power window switch, headlight switch etc. and spares no efforts to make sure all switch products meet or exceed the demand of safety design in function / durability / error-proof aspects.

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor) is an active monitoring system in instant tire pressure and temperature to ensure drivers travel safely in bad driving conditions or in high speed. TPMS should be integrated into the whole engineering system of vehicles. Hence in the design stage many factors like protocol, system interface, function, performance, installation, etc have to be taken into consideration to come out with according design and technique. CUB has years of experience in TPMS designing and global marketing. We can also follow customers’ specifications to provide differentiation design.

Quick installation
Real-time monitor / abnormal alarm
System setting / easy operation
Adjustable different tire valve to different vehicle model
4 tire pressure data information in real-time
Well Impact resistance
In accordance with the verification of FCC / CE / IC
Cross Reference / application
EX: 2007/01/01 ~ 2010/01/01
Application Car


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