1 Clear valve stem hole in rim of any corrosion or dirt. Ensure there is a clean smooth surface or the mating of the TPMS sensor screw ( fig.1 ), rubber washer and valve core assembly ( fig.3 ), TPMS washe ( fig.4 )r, and TPMS nut ( fig.5 ) to the rim.
2 Remove TPMS sensor screw ( fig.1 ), washer ( fig.4 )and nut ( fig.5) from TPMS sensor value stem assembly.
3 While holding TPMS sensor body ( fig.2 ), the plastic side of TPMS sensor facing the tire , push TPMS sensor value stem ( fig.3 )through rim by hand until TPMS rubber washer ( fig.3 ) meets inside edge of rim.

Lock the TPMS sensor ( fig.2) and TPMS sensor value stem assembly together by screw ( fig.1 ).


Hold TPMS sensor body ( fig.2 )down against the rim drop center and thread/tighten TPMS sensor washer ( fig.4)and nut ( fig.5 )to 35 inch-pounds or 4..0 newton-meters.

fig.1 TPMS sensor screw fig.2 TPMS sensor ( mounted inside wheel )
fig.3 TPMS sensor valve stem,rubber washer and valve
core assembly
fig.4 TPMS washer ( mounted outside wheel )
fig.5 TPMS sensor nut ( mounted outside wheel ) fig.6 TPMS sensor cap

each time a tire is serviced or dismounted, or if the TPMS sensor( fig.2 ) is removed, it is MANDATORY to replace the TPMS sensor washer( fig.4 ) , TPMS sensor nut( fig.5) , and TPMS sensor valve core ( fig.3 ) with CUB parts to ensure proper sealing. It is MANDATORY to replace the TPMS sensor if it is externally damaged.

NOTE use only CUB service component kits designed for TPMS sensor.

Warning: The TPMS sensor nut must be properly installed and tightened for proper installation. Carefully follow instructions and use a torque wrench to ensure proper installation. Failure to torque the TPMS sensor nut properly will void the warranty and TPMS may not function properly.

correct TPMS sensor nut torque: 35 inch-pounds; 4.0 Newton-meters,
tighten the screw by 17.5 inch lbs/2N.m
TPMS sensor and / or TPMS sensor valve stems broken by overtorque are not covered under warranty, Failure to achieve the necessary TPMS sensor nut torque may result in an inadequate air seal, resulting in tire air loss.


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